Women’s mental distress

Women's distress is almost always caused by violence

Women’s mental distress involves all ages and all social roles, from adolescence to adulthood.
Suffering can manifest in many ways from eating disorders, self-doubt, sadness, insomnia, apathy,
hyperactivity, depression to panic attack.
Women’s distress is almost always caused by violence. The term violence should not only be
understood as sexual violence that women can suffer from a stranger, but the term refers to a broader meaning that can be traced in women’s daily lives, in closed families, in the economic
dependence of many women, in the pressing message of devaluation referred to the female nature by many societies. Today one in three women has suffered violence but still today many women struggle to talk about it underestimating the risk suffered.

Dr. Isabella Bonapace mindfulness instructor Turin deals with issues related to female distress.
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“The woman of the future, who is born today, will be a woman completely free from any sense of
guilt towards creativity or towards her own personal growth. She will be a woman in harmony
with her strength, but not unfeminine, or eccentric, or unnatural in any way. The woman of the
future will never try to live vicariously through the man, and incite him to despair, to achieve
something that she should be doing herself. This is the first image I have of her: she is not
aggressive, she is serene, confident, she knows how to develop her own abilities, she knows how
to ask for space for herself [….] Where intellectual abilities merge with intuition and subjectivity.”
(Anaïs Nin)

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